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What is CEO Essence?

CEOEssence addresses the core challenges women face in professional environments head on by providing training, tools and resources, to support women who are ready to step into their power, take a seat at the table, and engage with men in a collaborative and meaningful way.


There is a certain level of self-mastery, or self-awareness, required to step confidently and compassionately into leadership.
Oftentimes, there is a level of healing that is necessary, a release energetic blocks from past traumas, core limiting beliefs, and subconscious fears.  

Team Dynamics

When someone is self-aware, they know how to interact in a team setting, ensuring that they are seen and heard.  They know how to speak their truth, thus claiming their place within the team dynamic.

Self-mastery also allows you to address criticism, both internal and external, judgement and any blame, shame, or guilt.

Team Mastery

Finally, one learns team mastery.  This level of leadership is where you inspire, empower, and encourage others to be their best version of themselves.

When you release your personal, energetic blocks, you are able to embrace the divine feminine energy within, stepping into a new paradigm of leadership.

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“Working with Rene’ one on one was so helpful for me. She can see a situation clearly and help you easily work through whatever challenges you have. I was struggling with wanting to make a career change, and Rene’ was able to help me through it. I’m happy to say that I got the promotion that I wanted and am now in charge of a team of 20. I have successfully changed the working model of the department that I manage, and in the process have increased productivity by 14%”. -Janet C

So, throughout this experience, you learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energies, specifically, you sacred masculine and feminine.  Many people live in a distorted masculine (think aggression) or a distorted feminine (think doormat).  Neither works.  So, once you learn how to balance your energies, we look at our languaging choices and how they impact our energies, communication and connection.  You learn how to communicate in a non-reactive manner, responding rather than reacting.   

Additionally, we look at criticism and how to address it.  People criticize so much and so often, they aren’t even aware that they are doing it.  We physically, emotionally and verbally point fingers because we are not being conscious of our language. We are not aware how our inner language impacts our outer language.  So, then it doesn't matter how much you want to be in communication with or connect with somebody, you are not going to get the connection you want. 

Just by becoming more aware of the impact of word choices, (and this course gives tools to help you shift your languaging), it becomes easier to respond, rather than react, to any given situation.  When that happens, people start to listen, to notice, to seek out your thoughts on a topic.  Collaboration, creativity and connection occur more readily.  

Once you learn how to do these things, we go to the next level, which is building tools for dealing with  team dynamics.  Learn how our language and our responses impact the people and therefore, the connections within the team. By understanding yourself and your triggers, you learn how to address conflict with other members.  

Finally, as a team leader, we have to be aware of what is happening within our team. Is one team member using language that is disempowering to somebody else in our team. How do we address that? How do we work with that? And how do we shift that without pointing fingers and blaming that person for being somehow unaware?

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“Working with Rene’ gave me the confidence to address some of the gossip that was tearing our team apart. First, I had to look at my own issues, judgments and beliefs. Then, I was able to look at the people on my team and see where they might be projecting some of their issues onto other team members. The tools that Rene’ provided allowed me to address these problems, and more, through guided conversations. This in turn alleviated most of the gossip and created more team connection. Thanks, Rene’!” — Beth M.