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With Rene' Murata


What is standing in the way of you being seen or heard?


How often have you had to  prove your intelligence because you didn't have the "right" degree, or go to the "right" school or follow the "right" career path? How many times has your idea, input, or contribution been overlooked because you are a woman?  Do you know wonder how you will ever make the impact that you know you can make? That you want to make in the world? 

You are not alone.

Many of the women that I have worked with struggle with feeling valued in the work place. Sometimes, a simple shift in language is all that is required. Other times, digging into the energy of past traumas and learning how to manage and release their energetic triggers allows inspiration and confidence to flow freely.

Shifting from the old paradigm of the male patriarchy into a new paradigm of feminine leadership IS possible.  Leading from our place of Innate Wisdom is not only possible, it is what is needed in today's world.  Divine Feminine Leadership is compassion and strength, acceptance and discernment, open-heartedness and boundaries. 

Whatever is stopping you from becoming the leader you know you can be, I can help you.  Are you ready to feel valued and empowered? Come reclaim your Inner Divine Feminine and become the CEO of your own life.


I empower women who struggle to release past traumas and reclaim their divine feminine power so that they can become the CEO of their own lives.


YES! You can become the CEO of your own Life!


Inspiration: the greatest mark of a leader.

We are wired for love, compassion, and empathy. When we tap into this inner place, we become more balanced within our sacred masculine and feminine energies.  This then allows us to tap into compassion AND authority, kindness AND assertiveness, caring AND courage.  It is from this place that we can truly inspire others.

Do you know what is standing in the way of you being seen or heard?

Do you feel small and unimportant? Or do you spend your day worrying about what others think? Are your boundaries clearly defined? For you? For your families? For your colleagues? Do you spend countless hours comparing yourself to someone else?

Or do you criticize and micro-manage?  Do you harshly judge others when they make a mistake?  Are you afraid of giving other people credit, for fear that you will be overlooked...again?

These questions are just some that lead to a discovery of distorted behavior, energies that can be shifted so that you can step fully into your power, your leadership.

Yes! You can Become the CEO of your own Life By Stepping into Your Essence.

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“Throughout centuries, women have been trained to give away their power. René Murata taught me how to reclaim my power. As a result, I stopped over-giving and under-earning! Thank you René!”

— Kadena Tate, Dallas, TX

I had to confront trauma from my past, learn to understand it and release.  It was amazing!  What happened next is hard to describe. I had been hurting for 40 years, and although I understood what had happened (when I was a child), I was too young at the time to deal with the emotions and allowed it to follow me throughout my life.  Doing the program was like a flood gate being opened.  René walked me through the steps of self-compassion and how to go through an ongoing process during the week.  It was like a weight being lift off my soul.  So much sadness that had turned to anger was suddenly no longer there.  It had been replaced with love, love for myself with an understanding of what I had experienced. 

- Rebecca Corb


I'm Rene' Murata.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CEO Essence

I always felt like an outsider. 

I knew that I wanted more than what the other girls said they wanted. I wanted to do something meaningful, something powerful, create change, be a change agent.  So, when they talked about going shopping, I couldn’t relate.  

In my heart, I knew that there was more to life.  

During my early years, I developed the habit of observing others.  I categorized their behaviors by what I liked and what I didn’t like.  I also developed the practice of looking at my life to see where I could improve myself  based on those observations.  When someone treated me poorly or I saw them treat another person poorly or in a way that made the other person feel small, I looked within to see if I had similar behavioral traits, to see if I also treated people poorly.  Conversely, if I was treated well or saw someone treating another person in a way that empowered them, I looked to see if I had that quality and if not, went about learning how to develop it.

Another habit that I developed early in life is to look for the opportunities that arose out of the challenges that came forward in life.  I won’t say that I always saw the opportunities immediately, but I will say that I have learned to look for the lesson sooner now, rather than later.  

I am thankful to have developed those habits early.  They have served me well. 

I have used the information I gathered to create my own leadership style, one that I now teach, and one that is grounded in the divine feminine energy.

The habit of looking for and finding the good and/or the lesson in any ugly situation that showed up in my life has helped me through many things.  Things like overcoming my own past traumas, dealing with sexual harassment at university and work, watching my daughter fall victim to drugs, watching my son address the same demon, starting and failing at a couple of businesses before finally succeeding with my first, then my second, third and now fourth business.  Each challenge brought a unique lesson.  Each lesson helped me find another piece of myself and thus grow stronger.

Through it all, I have learned that life can be, should be, and is a joy, when you choose to adopt the attitudes that allow you to see the beauty and gifts that abound.  I won’t say that I always was successful in holding to those attitudes.  I have definitely had periods in my life where I have fallen into victimhood.  Always, when I chose the route of fear, things became harder until I remembered the two early lessons in my life. Upon remembering those, I'd shift my thinking and things would fall back into a good place. With it, more clarity.

And so, I have sought transformation from the inside out.  While I have not sought the lessons, I have always looked to learn from the lessons.  Now, as I continue my transformation (for it is a continuous journey), I wish to help others in theirs.  I want to support women who seek to step fully into their brilliance and lead others into theirs. 

This is the new paradigm.  Women in leadership fully embracing all of who they are, leaning into the Divine Feminine, the divine wisdom that is innate within. 

As I have learned to open to the Divine Feminine Energy, I have learned to embrace compassionate leadership. I will help you open to the Divine, and encourage you to find and embrace the compassion within, bringing it forth into your leadership.  

Make no mistake, compassion does NOT mean giving so much of yourself that there is nothing left.  It is not bending over backward to your breaking point.  It is seeing another human being for the thinking, feeling being that they are and acting upon it.  Sometimes it is tough, sometimes easy, sometimes scary, sometimes courageous.  But ALWAYS, it is with heart.

Your compassion will help transform the way the world operates.  If you don’t step up fully, the status quo remains intact.  So, let’s shake things up so that we can live in a world of kindness and humanity.

Gain confidence…

CEO Essence addresses the core challenges women face in personal and professional environments head-on with these proven training, tools, and resources, to support women who are ready to step into their power, take a seat at the table, and engage in a more collaborative and meaningful way.

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What transformed women leaders are saying... 

"Rene’ is fantastic! She cuts to the core of the situation and helps you understand how you can be an emotional being, manage my emotions and be successful in the business world. I have been able to take the information that she has given me and used it in the development of my business".

"I loved Rene’s videos. They were easy to understand and they provided information that I was able to take and put to use right away".

— Amanda H., V.P. Accounting

I loved the CEO Voice course.  The modules were easy to follow and gave practical and easy-to-implement tools that I was able to put into practice right away. 

I didn’t realize how much of my power I was giving away until I started to pay attention to my energy.  Thank you, Rene’.

- Rebecca C., Entrepreneur

This Leadership Mastery class was not what I expected. I started expecting it to be more of the same old same old but hoping it was different. I’m glad so I took it!

The messaging around language really got me thinking. I didn’t realize the impact of my words, the subtleties of the messages I was sending myself or the people around me, until going through this course.

Now, I am extremely conscious of how I speak to myself and my team. In fact, my team has noticed and and I’ve shared some of the information with them.

It has created a completely different dynamic in the office.

- Michelle M., V.P. Banking


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