I've had the distinct pleasure to have been honored with various awards over the last several years.

I have also been interviewed, or contributed to several articles and a couple of books.

Below is a selection of some of my favorites...


Aligned Leaders: Sage Wisdom From Women Choosing Their Soul's Mission Over Societal Expectation With No Regret

Published by Divine Destiny Publishing and co-authored by 22 heart-centered women from across the globe who have chosen to do the deep inner work and present their most aligned and authentic versions of themselves.

One: Your Wellness Guide to Body, Mind & Soul

Published by Mirav Tarkka ad co-authored by 23 international experts from different fields, all focusing on bringing balance between mind and body. This book is full of practical tips and hands-on-advice to help you live your best life.


2021 IAOTP Top Executive Director of the Decade

2020 International Association of Who's Who America's Most Influential Women

2019 IAOTP Woman of the Year

2018 IAOTP Top Female Executive and Top Professional of the Year

2017 Continental Who's Who Prominent Professional of the Year

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