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Impact Through Language

Sep 13, 2021

The impact of words can empower and dis-empower. What words are you using? For work? For home? With others? and with yourself?

Language not only impacts your self image through our self talk, it impacts how others see you. Your word choices, and the energy behind them, can and will impact the way you and others respond to each other as well as your ability to connect...or not.

This is true inside and outside of work. As we look at everything going on, the Coronavirus, the demonstrations, layoffs, fear, etc, it is easy to use language that dis-empowers other people. It is easy to use language that blames, shames and throws guilt at others. And if we aren't conscious about our words, we may not even be aware of the impact we have on others. We often don't know the other persons history of trauma or other circumstances, so we can't begin to REALLY know how our words will impact them. We only have our experiences to draw from in order to make assumptions.

However, I believe that when we choose to be deliberate about our language, AND we choose compassion, we create a safe space in which we can communicate and create connection. When we consciously remove victim energy from our words we make it easier to be authentic and real, thus making it easier for connections to occur.

Being deliberate about our language also helps us be real clear about who we are and what we stand for in life. In other words, it allows us to demonstrate our integrity, thus making it easier for others to know where we stand. 

Are you clear about the impact that your words have on you and others? How has this impacted your leadership?

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