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Compassionate Communication

Sep 13, 2021

My relationship with my marketing director has influenced my leadership. It has helped shape many of the beliefs that I have about my role within my own company and how that translates into what I teach other women. Let me share why…

Today, I had a planning session with my marketing director. We have worked together for many years and had the good fortune to develop a deep bond of friendship. 

Our friendship didn’t just happen overnight. We built it by making choices in how we communicate with each other. Here are some of the basics in our communication:

  • We choose to be open with each other, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. AND we trust that the other person is doing the same.

  • We remain honest with each other, even when it is a difficult subject, because of our integrity. AND we take the other persons word at face value.

  • We brainstorm ways to create new types of collaborative activities within our organization AND with our clients. 

  • We discuss compassionate communication and how that translates into the business world, actively looking for ways to bring compassion forward in a male dominated industry.

The relationship that she and I have built has definitely impacted my understanding about feminine leadership and compassionate leadership.

Do you have someone in your life that is a mentor, friend or sounding board for compassionate leadership? If so, how do they challenge you? What have you learned?

To all the amazing women who are leaders…you make a difference! Thank you.

With gratitude,

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