What is standing in the way of you being seen and heard?

One with Compassion, Empowerment, and Open-Heartedness

This is CEO Essence; leadership redefined.

CEO Essence is leadership training designed for women by women. It takes the essence of who we are, intuitive, innately strong, and nurturing and combines these traits with business strategies, financial and marketing awareness to create a full spectrum training designed to provide you with tools to advance your career.

Believe you are here to make an impact but struggle to be seen and heard? Tired of the inner and outer critic? Ready to embody your leadership and lead with confidence and joy?

How often have you had to prove your intelligence because you are a woman? How many times has your idea, input, or contribution been overlooked because you are a woman? Do you ever wonder how you will make the impact that you know you can make? That you want to make in the world?

You are not alone.

Many of the women that I have worked with struggle with feeling valued in the work place. Sometimes, a simple shift in language is all that is required. Other times, digging into the energy of past traumas and learning how to manage and release their energetic triggers allows inspiration and confidence to flow freely.

Shifting from the old paradigm of the male patriarchy into a new paradigm of embodied feminine leadership IS possible. Leading from our place of Innate Wisdom is not only possible, it is what is needed in today's world. Embodied Feminine Leadership is compassion and strength, acceptance and discernment, open-heartedness and boundaries.

Whatever is stopping you from becoming the leader you know you can be, I can help you. Are you ready to feel valued and empowered? Come reclaim your feminine power and become the CEO of your own life.


There is a certain level of self-mastery, or self-awareness, required to step confidently and compassionately into leadership.

First, however, there is often a level of healing that is necessary, a release of energetic patterning from past traumas that have been literally burned into our neuro pathways. These patterns become the roadblocks to our success, so releasing them is the first step to obtaining the confidence to embrace your full potential in life.

Team Dynamics

When someone is self-aware, they know how to effectively and compassionately interact within a team setting, ensuring that both they, as an individual, and their team members are seen and heard.
They know how to speak their truth, thus claiming their place within the team dynamic without forcing it.

In this section, you will start to see the patterns that lead to conflict in a team and learn new tools that will help you tap into your innate gifts
to create collaboration and cooperation within that dynamic.


Finally, one learns team mastery. This level of awareness is where you begin to inspire, empower, and encourage others to be their best version of themselves.

By releasing your personal, energetic blocks, you are able to embrace the divine feminine energy within, thus stepping into a new paradigm of leadership. This new paradigm celebrates compassion, encourages empowerment others and allows an open-heart. THIS is CEO Essence.

“Working with Rene’ one on one was so helpful for me. She can see a situation clearly and help you easily work through whatever challenges you have. I was struggling with wanting to make a career change, and Rene’ was able to help me through it. I’m happy to say that I got the promotion that I wanted and am now in charge of a team of 20. I have successfully changed the working model of the department that I manage, and in the process have increased productivity by 14%”. -Janet C

So, if you are ready for a new paradigm of leadership, one that embraces both your divine feminine and divine masculine energies, allowing you to be fully YOU, then come explore the possibilities and see if CEO Essence is for you.

Contact me to learn more about the different ways that you can work with me to shed core limiting beliefs, release stuck energy and realign the neuro patterning to better support you in embracing the beautiful woman that you are.

“Working with Rene’ gave me the confidence to address some of the gossip that was tearing our team apart. First, I had to look at my own issues, judgments and beliefs. Then, I was able to look at the people on my team and see where they might be projecting some of their issues onto other team members. The tools that Rene’ provided allowed me to address these problems, and more, through guided conversations. This in turn alleviated most of the gossip and created more team connection. Thanks, Rene’!” — Beth M.

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